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HiFiBerry DAC+ mit RCA Ausgang

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    The HiFiBerry DAC+ is a high-resolution digital-to-analog converter for the Raspberry Pi... mehr
    Produktinformationen "HiFiBerry DAC+ mit RCA Ausgang"

    The HiFiBerry DAC+ is a high-resolution digital-to-analog converter for the Raspberry Pi Model B+ and 2B. This is a special sound card for the Raspberry Pi, that is optimized for one specific use case: the best audio playback quality.

    • Dedicated 192kHz/24bit high-quality Burr-Brown DAC for best sound quality
    • Hardware volume control. You can control the output volume using alsamixer or any application that supports ALSA mixer controls.
    • Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi, no additional cables needed
    • No soldering Comes as a pre-fabricated kit. You just plug it onto the Raspberry Pi B+, conform to the Raspberry Pi hardware-attached-on-top (HAT) specification. Mounted in less than a minute.
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi model B+
    • Directly powered from the Raspberry Pi, no additional power supply
    • Ultra-low-noise voltage regulator for optimal audio performance
    • Available with different output connectors: RCA or 3.5mm phone jack
    • Integrated EEPROM for automatic configuration (with write-protection).
      Note that this feature is still in development by the Raspberry Pi foundation. You will be able to upgrade your HiFiBerry DAC+ when it is officially available. The sound card already works without this feature.
    • Comes with all components required to mount it. We include 4 M2.5x12mm spacers to fix the board onto the Raspberry Pi.

    RCA Version: The standard version uses RCA connectors that you know from your normal stereo equipment. You can use any RCA cable you like. You can even add a phone jack onto the board (you have to solder it by yourself)

    Notice about the compatibility with Raspberry Pi Model A and B: This board is only compatible with the new Raspberry Pi Model B+, 2 and 3.

    Information zur Software für HiFiBerry finden Sie hier.

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